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Fresh ginger and garlic puree

From now on, we can also offer you fresh garlic puree and ginger puree from Faiafood, among others.

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Article in 'Entrepreneurs' of VOKA West-Flanders


Visit us at IFE London!

We are exhibiting at IFE London 2024!


Tavola 2024

This year, we will be present at Tavola!

Trade fair for premium food & drinks


Visit us at IFE London!

We are exhibiting at IFE London 2023!


Why buy peeled and pre-cut onion?

At Roussel Onions we are specialized in

peeling and cutting high quality fresh onions.


Day of the truckdriver

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meet us at intrafood:22

Trade fair for raw materials, ingredients, additives and semi-precessed products for the food industry in the Benelux and Northern France.

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Article on Freshplaza

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Types op onions

Every dish starts with an onion from Roussel Onions!


But do you know which type of onion to use for a particular dish?

Let us introduce you to the 'who is who' of the onion world.

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Interview on Freshplaza

Pol and Charlotte were interviewed about the latest developments in our company. Curious?


"Our FAIA products are meant to inspire people to cook adventurously" (

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London Produce Show 2022

We will exhibit at the London Produce Show.


Diversity at work

Everyone is welcome here, which is why we contributed to a video report by Eurometropolis LKT on cross-border employment.

meet the team Zaheed

Meet the team

The smile behind the mouth mask is Zaheed's.

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Faia the taste makers

Under Faiafood, Waterman Onions, Roussel Onions, Sawari Fresh International and Biesheuvel Knoflook have announced a far-reaching collaboration to develop innovative, surprisingly tasty food concepts based on fresh onions, ginger, and garlic.

fruit attraction 2021

Fruit Attraction 2021

From 5 to 7 October, you can find us at the Fruit Attraction fair in Madrid.

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Harvest onions

This week our onions were harvested.

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Meet the team

Jelle is our production manager.


Roussel Onions buys local

By means of these new signs on the field, you will be able to see where our onions are growing in the area!

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Quality in peeled & cut onions

Last week we achieved the highest quality score as a YUM! supplier.

timeline onion cultivation

Timeline onion cultivation

At the moment, the onions are growing on the fields! 
Hereby a timeline, to get some insight in the growing of onions.


Contrary to onion sets, which are planted in mid-March, seed onions are seeds and not plants that are already 1 year old. The seed onion will therefore remain longer on the field and is somewhat more fragile.

The seed onions will be harvested at the beginning of September and then processed in our production.

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Baking tests

Every week, we conduct baking tests in our company kitchen.

Our products are checked at various levels: cut, colour, smell, taste and appearance. We do this at the expiry date and when the expiry date has already passed.

In this way, we guarantee and monitor the quality of our peeled and sliced onions.


A pleasant task, because what is better than the smell of baked onions?

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Local for local

Last week the onions were sown on the field. To this end, we are increasingly working with local farmers, who we guide through the entire onion cultivation process. The purchase of locally grown onions contributes to the sustainability of our process.

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Planting onion sets

Yesterday the onion sets were planted!


Unlike seed onions, these onion sets are already 1 year old. So they are on the field for a shorter time. They grow faster, can withstand lower temperatures and are less affected by diseases and insects.

These onions will be harvested at the beginning of July. When the foliage starts to fall, they are still growing strong. Once the foliage has fallen down, its time to harvest. We can expect 50 to 60000 kg onions per hectare.

The onions then have to dry, after which they are ready to be peeled and processed in our company. Just in time, because the storage onions are usually out of stock at the end of June.


Maybe something to try in your own vegetable garden?


Home grown

Did you know?


That onions Roussel is growing more and more onions in the region?


Here you see our winter onions shine in the sun. These onions were planted in October and will be harvested mid-June.

onion cubes

Week of the fries!

At Uien Roussel we always eat a "frikandel speciaal" with 
our fries!

#chopped onions #diced onions #onion cubes

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Onions Roussel invests in solar energy!

This autumn, 810 solar panels were installed on our roofs. This investment will result in 42.3% less electricity consumption or 128 tons less CO2 emissions.
The 810 solar panels have a total capacity of 300 kilowatt peak, which is the equivalent of the power consumption of about 88 families.

zaakvoerders bij kisten uien VOKA

Article in 'Entrepreneurs' of VOKA West-Flanders

11092020 frietkot ter platse

A thank you to our employees!


How do we thank our employees in these times? Nothing better than real Belgian fries! A corona-proof alternative to our summer staff event.



More than ever, it appears that the food sector is vital! While the 
coronavirus keeps many Belgians at home, a large part of our 
employees remains committed to keeping food production running 
and to guarantee food supplies. That is why they were literally put in 
the spotlight today. #foodheroes

What is better than a hot cup of onionsoup, on a cold autumn day? With our onionrings, you made this in a twist!


Since this summer, we expanded our production area.