Roussel Onions

From the field to the consumer

We always aim the highest quality for our products, therefore it is very important to have full control over every step in the production of these products. The highest quality has to be ensured in every step of the way.


An organic version of all our products is also available.


Home grown

The aim for top quality starts with the cultivation and the buying of the onions. A part of the onions, we grow ourselves with the biggest care. The other part we buy with growers who are carefully selected based on strict quality requirements. 


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Entry check

The onions who are delivered into Roussel undergo a thorough entry check. Different factors are checked, smell, size, color, … Based on this entry check, the onions can be approved for the production.

Cooling before peeling

Before the automated peeling process begins, the onions are refrigerated to 4°C.


The actual process of peeling takes place in specially equipped spaces. After peeling mechanically, the onions are inspected visually.


We peel different types of onions: yellow, red, pink onions and Spanish onions. We also have an organic version of all types of onions available.


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The process of efficiently chopping the onion in rings (sliced onion), pieces or cubes (diced onion) requires extensive product knowledge. For this, the company developed an innovative process. In this process, quality and hygiene come first.

The sliced onions are available in various shapes: (half) onion rings, onion parts, onion cubes (or chopped onion), onion strips


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The onions are packed on different kinds of automated lines, which enables packaging ranging from 100 grammes up to 25 kilogrammes.


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Finished products are put in the cooling area, per client. Orders are produced day A for delivery day B. Before the order leaves the company, it is checked one last time on quality, cut and quantity.


The orders are transported daily to our clients, by our own drivers. Our trucks are equipped with a cooling system, which measures and registers the temperatures constantly. Because of this, we are sure that our products reach their destination in the best conditions.

Our products with the consumer

Our products reach the consumer, through our clients.


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